• Application for food licence

    Application for food licence can be submitted in the following ways:

    • Instructing a licensing consultant
    • Applicant can also submit his/her application by himself/herself; documentation requires, inter alia, some kinds of forms/certificates/documents to be signed by an Authorized Person, and the following requirements have to be met:
    • Compliance with Hygiene requirements
    • Compliance with Ventilating System requirements
    • Compliance with Fire Services Installation and Equipment requirements
    • Compliance with building structure requirements
    • No unauthorized structure causing fire hazard
    • Sufficient means of fire escape
    • Safety of gas supply
    • Safety of electricity supply

    Remarks: Food licence shall not be issued if the premises are for residential purpose.

    Before you intend to open up a food shop, you should first consider if the premises would meet the relevant requirements for the issuance of a particular kind of licence you intend to apply for.

    The requirements relate to fire services installation, ventilating system and other issues of fitting out a premises for the approval of various government department, such as food and environmental hygiene department, fire services department, building department and town planning department, etc, which procedures are somehow complicated and tedious to many laymen.

  • Application for various food licenses

    • General Restaurant Licence
    • Light Refreshment Restaurant Licence
    • Food Factory Licence
    • Bakery Licence
    • Factory Canteen Licence
    • Fresh Provision Shop Licence
    • Frozen Confection Factory Licence
    • Siu Mei and Lo Mei Shop Licence
    • Food Permit
    • Liquor Licence and Club Liquor Licence
    • Club Licence, Hotel and Guesthouse Licences and Karaoke Establishment Permit

  • Issuance of various certificates

    • Certificate signed by AP/RSE
    • Fire Certificate (Form FS251、314A)
    • Electricity Work Completion Certificate (Form WR1/2)
    • Gas Supply Certificate of Compliance
    • Ventilating System Annual Inspection Certificate and Certificate of Fire Service Installation and Equipment


  • To avoid or reduce the risk of renting a unsuitable premises for food business, our licensing and renovation teams provide our potential customers with free site inspection and give free advice on licensing and renovation issues.

    We provide one-stop service for our customers and shall use our best endeavor to provide our services to meet our customers’ needs and to their satisfaction.